Project Overview

W.J. Smith Construction

Located in the heart of Greenville, NC, W.J. Smith Construction specialise in roofing, door, window, and siding remodelling. Their dedicated team combines top-notch craftsmanship with meticulous attention to detail to breathe life into your unique vision.

Their Challenges

Operating in an increasingly competitive digital landscape, W.J. Smith Construction wanted to improve on previous SEO efforts. 

Our Solution

FlyRank Optimize the structure of WJ Smith Construction’s service pages and increase blog content to expand its keyword portfolio.

Wj Smith Constructions

The Results

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Organic Revenue Increase of 200% YoY

Organic Revenue Increase of 200% YoY

By integrating SEO content on their product pages, W.J Smith Construction drove traffic directly to high-conversion pages. Shortening the distance between search and purchase helped them double the revenue generated by organic traffic.

Organic Sessions Up By 115% YoY

Organic Sessions Up By 115% YoY

They experienced remarkable growth in online visibility and user engagement. W.J. Smith Construction's website showcase the effectiveness of our strategies in driving organic traffic, contributing to a substantial boost in online presence.

Organic Traffic

W.J. Smith Construction saw more organic sessions, yielding a compounded increase in completed transactions from organic traffic.

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Positive Growth in Keyword Positions

After a 5-month long campaign, W.J. Smith Construction now ranks for more than 500 keywords, driving the engine of organic traffic that feeds their sales funnel and continues to show a return on their investment with Flyrank.

High Authority Domains

There’s no stopping the momentum you build when clear objectives meet a time-tested strategy that’s enriched with transparent communication and a collaborative partnership.

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